Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Hey Mom and Kids

Hey guys, I hope that all is well with you. I have been having fun in the afternoons geocaching. The picture to the left is a geocoin that I will be bringing home to drop off in another cache near us.

I have been to many parks near Lake Michigan. It looks alot like a ocean in the middle of the country. Maybe mom can show you were it is on the map. I am in Oak Creek, WI.

The other pictures that I have added here are pictures of the lake . It is very beautiful. Csa and Beana, the picture of the flower is for you.

Hey Mom, this is a beautiful area, I would not mind living here (hint, hint)

Love you guys and I miss you I will be home soon.
Love, Dad

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A "Tree" ?

Take a look at the tree in the picture. Is this really fooling anyone. I find these cell trees just ridiculous.

I kind of think this is cruel and unusually punishment for the birds. What about the Red Headed Woodpecker, does no one care that he might pound his beak into the fake bark and hurt himself. Where are the raging environmentalists crying and protesting hoping to save the Woodpecker from his certain demise.

What about the cell tree huggers where are they protecting the special tree that may get taken down to protect the woodpecker?

I think this is just a complete waste of money. Usually this is the tallest "tree" around. It sticks out like a sore thumb, lets not kid ourselves, we don't need to make it look like a tree. I bet this screws up my cell reception even more. Hey those bloody evironmentalists are screwing up everything, high gas prices since they won't let us drill and my cell phone reception. Since I bet it is them that want it to look like a tree to convince birds to make a nest there, and get cancer since they are too close to the radio waves.

Oh and I would like to know who has a company that makes towers look like trees. How much can one get paid to do this. I bet they get a crazy amount of money to do this nonsense. If I find out my tax dollars go to this, I think I will totally flip my lid and go and cut a tree down.

The Three R's ????

Ok so I just thought that this was very funny, pupils failing to master the 3 R's. Hey maybe that is because they are not R's. Only one of the 3 starts with an R.

Now Maybe in West Virginia, they are still the 3 r's (reading, riting, and rithmetic) or at the Playskool company (who I believe for sometime marketed the Speak and Spell, seems a little ironic to me)

But to the rest of the world they should be READING, WRITING and ARITHMETIC, or RWA for short. Maybe this is the whole reason we are failing. Can't spell, so maybe we can't read, if we can't read how are we supposed to work on a math word problem.

Wel ntill nex tim, wrk on yur spellng wood yu pleas.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Heres a Story

Here's the story of a lovely lady
Who was bringing up to 2 girls and 2 boys
3 of them had hair like their father.
The youngest in another color.

Here's the story of a man named Petersen
Who was busy with some work out on his own.
He was one man working in New Jersey
Yet he was all alone.

Till the one day when this lady mets this fellow
And they knew it was much more than a hunch
That this group would somehow get back together.
And we would again be called the Petersen Family.

Just a quick I love you to my wife for doing all she does when I am not home. See you soon 143!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Check Out My New Blog

I have decided to keep the Family site and my other Rants seperate. I started a new blog site at.

Raging Rants on Religious Non-Sense and other Post Modern Drivel.

Check it out.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Never Forget !

Is it just me or does it seem like most of the leadership in this country has forgotten what happened on 9/11/01. They seem to be more concerned about global warming and saving the environment instead of saving people and protecting our country. I could care less about the trees in this country if we are not free to enjoy them. If the Islamic terrorists are more concerned about killing us shouldn't we be more concerned about defending ourselves. I don't see the terrorists burning down the forests. I see them flying planes full of innocent people into buildings. They don't care about the trees they care about serving a false god that they call Allah.

Maybe our country as a whole ought to get our heads out of the sand and deal with the real issues of defense of our country from outsiders and from the people inside our country (our own citizens) that want to tear down everything that pertains to God.

God is the only one that can save us, but our country wants to chuck him under the bus. Why is that, maybe because they don't like what their conscience tells them, that what they are doing is wrong! You don't have to believe in God to know that. Lucky you, God gave you a conscience and it works the way he designed it. You may be able to dull it but you will never get rid of it.

So I see this country getting rid of God and I feel that his wrath will be forth coming.
Romans 2:5 "but because of your stubbornness and your unrepentant heart, you are storing up wrath against yourself for the day of God's wrath, when his righteous judgment will be revealed.

2 Thessalonians 1:8-9 "He will punish those who do not know God and do not obey the gospel of our Lord Jesus. They will be punished with everlasting destruction and shut out of the presence of the Lord and from the majesty of his power".

Does that like the warm and fuzzy all loving God that lots of preachers are teaching these days. Not to me, it sounds like the just God that he is.

So below is a video that I think all of Washington ought to watch again. In my opinion this is the primary issue facing this country at the next election, not global warming (which we as a country will never solve, hence the word GLOBAL, why does it sound like we have to solve the problem. In fact I think it is a bunch of hog wash anyway. Plant a few trees like Al Gore and your carbon credits can make you feel better about not doing anything.) , or poverty, or health care, or high gas prices (which I hate as much as the next guy). Because if we don't defend ourselves against the march of Islam and we sit in front of the BOOB TUBE and get fat eating Twinkies, we just make it easier for them to do what they want to do. If we could water down the Islamic message like pastors are doing to the precious Gospel of Christ, it would be a piece of cake to defeat them but that is not happening.

So I am going to do my part today to make sure no one forgets what happened. So watch the video below and get angry again. If it makes your stomach turn to see an airplane crash into a building, GREAT! that is what your stomach should be doing. If your offended by seeing people jump from a sky scraper, GOOD, you should be offended. We as a country need to stand up and not let it happen again, or at the least do everything we can to try to prevent it. Otherwise expect to see Islam coming to your home soon. "CONVERT OR DIE" that is what they believe. So if we do nothing enjoy that Twinkie with a side of bullet to the head.

So watch and get angry!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Which Gospel?

This one is a quickie. Which Gospel is your church teaching? Give it some thought.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Bad Dream Realized !!!

So, I am on a video kick now. I am sure most people have seen the attached video of the skate board accident at the X-Games. But in case you have not seen it watch below. After you watch it you will think about one of those dreams where you are falling and wake up just before you hit the ground. However I think this guy wishes he was asleep before he hit the ground. Maybe you will notice that his shoes fly off when he hits the ground. Lots of people made a big deal about this, but think about it when was the last time you saw a skate boarder tie his shoes well. In today's day and age we should be lucky that his pants did not fly off.